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Starter package

For small, but continuously growing companies, Flexium is high quality ERP solution at an easily affordable price. Initial investment costs can be as low as few tens of thousand forints when choosing our software rental offer.

For a small company often the primary concern is price. An easy decision is to purchase a cheap ERP solution which at the moment satisfies all needs of the small business. As the company grows, presses a large set of complex requirements on the ERP system. This is the moment when low quality solutions will break down, new ERP system has to be purchased with all the related investment, training and disruption overhead.

Flexium Core modules satisfy all the needs of a small business at an easily affordable price.

Initial investment cost are low, consists only of a PC to run the database server (MySQL has free license option). Another convenient option is to host the database at any decent hosting provider, which schedules regular safety backups and promises high availability times. Flexium easily and securely connects to remote databases using SSH tunneling. Our solution is designed to operate efficiently even over a low bandwidth mobile network connection.

Our system documentation and wide set of tutorial videos offer an easy way to learn the ERP system without expensive consulting and teaching work.

The growing needs of the growing company are gradually supported with our wide set of additional modules and detailed parametrization options. There is NO need for a new system, only for better use of the existing one.