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Our team provides all the necessary components of a high quality tailor made ERP solution: experienced business consultants, skilled software designers, and in-house developed flexible ERP software. We deliver high quality solution to each customer without any technical compromise.


Installation and setup work of an ERP system depends on several factors such as size of the company, required complexity, domains of application, etc., and the deployment time can vary from a few days to several months. Our team can help you in customizing the ERP system to your specific needs and requirements and in case need be we provide BPR (Business Process Reengineering) assistance, in order to restructure your business processes for a better optimized performance.

Typical step are as follows:

  • Simple functionality study and initial cost estimation.
  • Detailed functional specification and conceptional design.
  • Basic system installation and configuration.
  • Business process design and testing.
  • Design and implementation of custom modules and tools.
  • Basic data structure design and testing.
  • Detailed system configuration, fine-tuning (print templates, data ownership,…).
  • Teaching and briefing.
  • Data migration from previous ERP-related systems.
  • Initial start-up with continuous assistance.


Our team of experienced consultants and designers provides continuous and fast support to all our customers. A successful installation and start-up is only the first step in a long-term relationship, where the contact between our support team and our customers will guaranty a continuous and efficient operation of the ERP system. Market conditions, legal regulation and dynamics of your own growing business constantly require changes and adaptations in the ERP system and your business processes. Our team is always ready to help you with consulting, design new modules and implement additions or changes in existing functionality.


Compliance with ISO standards is not same with creation of huge piles of paper, better means operating a well structured and logical system. ISO standards were not invented by paper producers, they only profit from the old miss-belief: “More paper documents you have, better your system is!” In our team we have few ISO consultants as well, our ERP system integrates ISO related aspects and our experienced consultant team is more then ready to provide you the needed assistance in order to fill the ERP-ISO gap.