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Complex price and discount calculation support serving both the purchase and sales areas.

Up-to-date price and discount handling stays at the foundation of an efficient sales and purchase module. Our price handling contains a large variety of functions which are very flexibly configurable. Numerous price-lists can be configured and attached to partners and/or price-groups. Price-groups are an easy way to share price-lists, contain a collection of configured price-lists and can be attached to several partners.


  • Date from-to (delivery date / bookkeeping date / create date / payment deadline)
  • Project, profit-center, cost type
  • Item group, item attributes such as producer, default shipment,…
  • Partner groups
  • Delivery type and conditions
  • Payment type and conditions
  • Warehouse, premises

Basic example:

A group of partners share a common wholesale price-list to which one several discounts are attached for certain time periods. In this case the price-group contains the full normal-priced list and for each discount period the list of discounted item prices. The discount list does not contain the items whose prices are not changed compared to the normal price. In a customer purchase order the price of an item is automatically calculated based on the price-group attached to that partner and the date of the order will determine which price-list to be used from the group.

Other examples:

  • Project-based discounts from suppliers
  • Producer-based discounts from suppliers
  • Discounts for cache or quick payments
  • Regional discount (based on partner-group or geographical location)
  • Shop opening or moving discount
  • Discount for warehouse pick-up (no shipment)