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About Us

Flexium is an integrated, highly customizable and cost-effective ERP system designed for small and medium size enterprises. Our technically outstanding software fine-tuned by a team of experienced consultants helps you gain control of your business and quickly adapt to an ever-changing global market.

During a long ERP consultant carrier one would definitely notice that it is not impossible to create better than the existing ones. In 2007 a young Hungarian company created the Flexium system for this reason.

How was it possible?

We could freely design a new system, opposite to a large corporate that must compromise due to old legacy constraints and backward compatibility issues. If you wish for something more than an old system packaged in a shiny box, then please continue reading our system description.

Our strengths:

  • Windows, Linux or Mac? For us it’s no problem! Our system is implemented in Java and uses only platform independent components, that is why we can support several operating systems without extra burden.
  • Fast remote access even on slow mobile internet connection, without expensive servers.
  • Comprehensive data security system. E.g. your sales employee won’t be able to save on his USB stick all your customer information.
  • Your people won’t waste their precious time watching the “please wait” or “data loading” signs.
  • Using a series of high quality open source components, we managed to save considerable license costs.