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Software license fees are separate from consulting and development work. We offer software rental as an alternative to upfront purchasing. Displayed prices do not include the VAT.

Prices in the table below contain 5 user licenses.
Software license fees
Software license fee Description Full price Monthly rental
Flexium Core Contains the basic modules: finance/accounting, logistics/stock handling and pricing. Required when using any additional module. 1.400.000 Ft 56.000 Ft
Project management Standard functions included, for custom requirements ask for a quotation. 350.000 Ft 14.000 Ft
Fixed assets Completely integrated fixed assets handling. Both book and tax depreciations are supported. 115.000 Ft 4.600 Ft
CRM module Tightly connects to partner-, item- and project handling 200.000 Ft 8.750 Ft
Production module (basic) Basic BOM (bill-of-materials) based production. 350.000 Ft 14.000 Ft
Production module (pro) Complex production support. Handling of processes (production procedure), shifts, etc. Standard functions included, for custom requirements ask for a quotation. 550.000 Ft 18.500 Ft
Calendar module Handle calendar events and tasks, integrated with standard calendar servers and calendar applications 90.000 Ft 3.500 Ft
EKÁER module Electronic Road Transportation Controlling System (EKÁER) integration module 90.000 Ft 3.500 Ft
Email module Allows the system to send out connected emails from certain functions 60.000 Ft 2.300 Ft
Inter-premises logistics module Handles logistics between the company’s premises 60.000 Ft 2.300 Ft
Product management All functions included. 90.000 Ft 4.600 Ft
WEBshop Integration API For Webshop or mobile applications 230.000 Ft 9.200 Ft
Bank business terminal Interface to connect to certain banks 150.000 Ft 6.900 Ft
UNAS integration Integration to UNAS powered webshops 150.000 Ft 6.900 Ft
The purchased (not rental) software product has no usage-time limitations. Software license fees do not include any consulting, design, development or assistance work. Online and telephone support is also charged as shown in the table below.
Work fees
Work fees Description Price / hour
On-site consulting Minimum 4 hours, does not include field transfer costs 20.000 Ft
Phone, Email, Remote online support / Development Off-site work; charged per hour 14.000 Ft
Incident handling Free of charge, if the customer cannot be blamed 0 Ft
ERP training, consulting and development requires complex skills, that can be successfully accomplished only by highly qualified experts. Quality workforce is always expensive, hence we aim at maximum efficiency. Our system was designed and built with special focus on efficiency and flexibility in parametrization and development.

Number of users

Prices in the table above are listed for a maximum number of 5 users. In case of higher number of users an additional fee is charged based on the base price (rental or full price) and the number of additional users. This fee is calculated as presented in the table below:

Additional user license fee
Number of additional users Additional user license fee
1-10 (6.-15.) 10%
11-20 (16.-25.) 7%
21- (26.-) 5%
Additional user license fee is applicable on module basis and can be rental or full price, similar to the basic fees.

Software updates

    • Any newly purchased software licenses (not rental) include one  year of free updates, if not mentioned otherwise in the written contract.
    • Additional update period (1 year) can be purchased at 17% of the full price, which entitles the customer during this period of time to upgrade the purchased software to any published and supported versions.
    • Software updates are not compulsory and do not limit the usage of any purchased software components.
    • Software rental always includes free updates, at no additional charge.


    • Upgrade of individual modules can depend on the Flexium core and other modules.
    • Prices and availability may change without notice.