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Reports / Controlling

Each module offers a set of reports. These are extended with a special collection of reports. Our reports are largely configurable where the parameters are saved separately for each user and area of application. This will result in a large collection of report templates.


The analysis of all already accounted and future transactions irrespective if they are products, services, acquisitions, sales, internal logistics or production work-flows, are all performed in a centralized module. This centralized reporting tool enables fast, template based report creation, with customized search, grouping and integration possibilities. As an example: a simple client based monthly report can be refined based time interval, customer, sales agent, profit center and/or any other desired attribute.


Resource planning forms the link between the purchase, production, sales and logistics modules. Resource planning reports can be grouped by several criteria such as items, supplier. This module takes into account all future stock changes which are results of forecasts, offers or manufacturing orders.