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Sales / Purchase

Supports the whole sales process starting from sales forecast, through offer generation until invoicing. Similar to the sales, the purchase module supports the whole purchase process starting from purchase forecast, through offer collection until incoming invoice handling.

The documents in these modules have a standard structure with similar look-and-feel. Documents and their data content are well structured, easy to learn and understand. Documents can be completed partially or totally, generated automatically or based on user request, even batch mode is supported in order to fully optimize the workflow. Our system ensures that each data has to be specified only once. Internal and data-level links constantly provide us with information about undelivered orders. Our fully integrated design ensures that new documents automatically and instantly update all related stock-handling, bookkeeping and other values.

Supported processes:

  • Forecasting
  • Offer
  • Purchase order
  • Purchase order confirmation
  • Delivery report
  • Delivery report confirmation
  • Returned goods
  • Invoicing
  • Inverse invoicing (storno)
  • Correction invoicing