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Price / Performance / Quality

We offer our Flexium system at an outstanding price-performance value, high quality technical content and knowledgeable customer service at an easily affordable price.

Easy parametrization, extreme flexibility, blazing fast data handling and efficient user interfaces, these and some more make the difference.

Why is Flexium® better than other integrated ERP systems in the same segment?

Taking in use an ERP system means lots of consulting, customization, parametrization and teaching work. This work requires complex skills, that can be successfully accomplished only by highly qualified workforce. Quality workforce is always expensive, hence we aim at maximum efficiency. Our system was designed and built with special focus on efficiency and flexibility in parametrization and development. Short learning curve and optimized workflow will save our customers additional costs.

Competitive edge:

  • Many customer requests are a matter of simple configuration in Flexium®, while in most competitor systems the same requires several days of custom development. Details
  • When implementing custom features our flexible SDK empowers us to be faster and more efficient than most of our competitors. Details
  • In Flexium® the user interfaces for different tasks have similar outlook and functionality thus ensuring a short initial training process. Therefore when new modules are introduced, the users can quickly adapt to the previously unknown areas. Details
  • Thanks to our optimized database design and advanced data caching layer, Flexium® is blazing fast data handling. Several thousand documents, delivery notes and invoices are not an obstacle. Generating reports and statistics from millions of records is a matter of few minutes where our competitor systems need hours. Details
  • Advanced data search and customizable fast keyboard navigation are just some of the tools that Flexium® has to offer and which are hard to find at any competitor product. Details
  • Flexium® runs on all major operating systems (Windows, Linux and Mac OS X). Details