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Midsize solution

A midsize company usually expects fully integrated, highly secure and scalable ERP system. Flexium is truly integrated because the whole system was designed and developed by the same team. It is not an empty promise. Record level hierarchic data access rights management leaves NO security gaps, where valuable business information could leak.

Midsize enterprises have to manage an increased set of business processes, often implemented with solutions from several different vendors.
Market leader ERP systems often superficially integrate third party components and modules into their systems, and the customer will “suffer” the drawbacks of this poor integration.

“A salesman left for the competitor and has taken with him the whole customer database.”
In most ERP systems in this market segment data security is not taken very seriously, dta access right are controlled at whole table level. This lack of granularity leads to the above mentioned problems.
Flexium easily can protect your business from such and similar threats, because data access control is implemented at record level and organized in a hierarchic structure. For example: a sales person has allocated customers and cannot access data of other customers. The supervisor of this sales person is allowed to access all the data that it’s subordinates are granted access. Data access control is a system feature in Flexium, automatically available for all data types.

Businesses must quickly adapt their internal processes to the ever-changing economic environment. Change in business processes involves changes in the ERP system. Often these changes are so specific that generic solutions cannot cover it properly. Implementing tailor made adjustments involves consulting and development work, where each workday is expensive. Our system was designed and built with special focus on efficiency and flexibility in parametrization and development.

What exactly our technical flexibility means?

Modern ERP systems usually are designed based on one or more core modules. Business modules connect to the core through a set of API interfaces. Usually, there is a special API used that only system modules can access and which one is not available for custom module development. This is a serious pitfall in custom module development.
Flexium core has a single API, system and custom modules use the same interface. This ensures that our API is well tested and it is versatile enough to provide the tools for a quality solution no matter of the challenging requirements.