New Flexium development: Email module

Flexium ERP was recently extended by a new module. The email module can send a preset email from any email account of any SPTP server to he outer world, while any Flexium report or document can be attached to the note. The target address(es) can be easily set, preset wording can be stored in multiple languages if needed for the accompanying letter. After the email was sent, it is automatically saved in a custom set folder, where subfolders are generated by the sytem for each eamil recipient. The main benefit of the module is that it makes email integration unneccesary for such operations in the future, and it is easily customised by simple parametrization without any time  consuming and expensive programming.
The new module is already available in the newly implemented Flexium systems, and existing ones will be updated during the next patching. Prices can be looked up ont he companies web page at