Common storage place for internal and external information, which tightly connects to partner-, item- and project handling. Integrated with the classical businesses modules helps the internal communication and task management.

Customer inquiry, technical fault complain or verbal agreement with a supplier, all can be managed in a structured manner. The CRM module is suitable for a large customer base and can be used for direct marketing as well.

Partner database management is made easier with a set of grouping options:

  • Partner groups
  • Five partner properties attributes
  • Area of business (metals, agriculture,…)
  • Company Registration Type (Ltd., PLC.,…)
  • Activity type (manufacturing, trade, services,…)

Business assistant, sales person and record owner can be associated to each partner. Based on record ownership we can assign a set of partners to a sales person and in this way a sales person will be able to see or manage only his/her assigned partners. This is an important information security feature, for example can prevent one sales agent to list all partners and contacts of your whole business.

CRM related services:

  • Contact maintenance information (customer phone call, written complain on paper, email,…)
  • Newsletter
  • Inquiry register
  • Preoffer register
  • Knowledge-base, set of files and properties attached to partners