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Full Integration

Modules, data and functionality are all integrated, data and information is presented in a manner which supports the complex operation.

The related data is linked on database level and this link is preserved when presenting the business process information on the user interface. The related data is presented in a logical structure, it is easy to follow and handle. Strongly related data (receipt, partner, activities related to a partner, special handling related to a partner etc.) is usually displayed to the user in an integrated form. E.g. sales, purchase, logistics and other receipts generate the background accounting and stock handling data without delay, offering instant access to related reports and balance sheets.

Main characteristics:

  • All data is saved only in a single place, data redundancy is replaced with links.
  • Multiple manual data entry is eliminated.
  • Data processing is multi-threaded, happens instantly without delay.
  • Navigation between different data sheets is implemented without unnecessary restrictions.