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Our system is specially designed to fulfil the multitude and various requirements of small and medium size enterprises. Each report, table, print layout and form is flexibly run-time configurable.

Most of the configuration tasks can be done through user interface forms and panels. With the help of our Pure Display Field (PDF) technology we can configure at run-time and present in any table any indirectly linked data. E.g. a stock list table can be configured to present any attribute of the item or warehouse, such as item-group name, item-responsible name or item manufacturer’s main address. Another example, on a sales report which is grouped based on partners, the contact person’s name and telephone number can be added next to the partner’s name with a simple configuration.

Run-time configuration examples:

  • Table columns.
  • Order of columns in a table.
  • Grouping criteria in a tree-table structure.
  • Custom fields and custom tables.
  • Initial panel state (View/Search/Add).
  • Report print layouts.
  • Mandatory fields.
  • Default value for any data and/or panel type.