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Warehouse Management

Warehouse management modules follow the distribution process involved with finished goods or materials from delivery into the warehouse for storage through replenishment and picking for shipment to fulfill orders.

Manufacturers who make a substantial number of shipments from a distribution facility need a full-blown Warehouse Management System (WMS), particularly if their operation relies on an automated racking system, perhaps housed in a rack-mounted structure with its own track-mounted materials-handling system.

However, for the vast majority of manufacturers – even those that complete a large number of shipments every day – a WMS that is separate and distinct from their other business systems will be counterproductive.

An effective WMS can reduce human errors by preventing product from being putaway in the wrong location, picking the wrong product, or picking the correct product but in the wrong quantity. Additionally, such a system can increase the productivity of the warehouse by reducing traveling time, maximizing the use of available space, and suggesting moves for better space utilization.

Flexium Warehouse Management is aid to offer greater efficiency and accuracy to businesses, through increased pick rates, decreased errors, higher compliancy, and accurate forecasting of warehouse resources and demands.

Our solution includes comprehensive, integrated functionality that automates inbound, warehousing and outbound operations, resulting in improved productivity, space utilization and customer satisfaction.