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Project management

Companies operating independent projects have to virtually split their activity and resources between projects, but at the same time all are parts of the same system. This module helps to successfully manage such a dual view.

Projects require an independent management where it is essential to isolate all business processes, preliminary budgeting, warehouse, resource management and financial controlling. At the same time in reality all projects are parts of the same system, share the same warehouse and resources.

Projects are organized in hierarchic relation, thus for example it is possible to account expenses on sub-projects where the revenue is generated only by the main project.

Projects share a set of documents which are categorized by their type, for example: offer, contract, etc.

Main attributes of a project:

  • State (Open / Closed / canceled)
  • Phase (for example: quotation, ordering, deployment, finished, warranty repairs etc.)
  • Category, based on type and properties
  • Human resources, like project manager, construction site supervisor, etc.
  • Accomplishment dates and deadlines, like quotation validity, date of a contract, etc.

Supported business processes:

  • Warehouse management, resource allocation and reservation
  • Pricing, project based special purchase and sale prices, discounts, etc.
  • Project group based balance sheets
  • Financial controlling, budget approximation and final evaluation, all rendered to projects and sub-projects