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Security and User Rights

Detailed and complex user rights management, archiving and action logging is necessary for safe operation of any ERP system.


Classically user rights control the access to modules and functions. In addition our system offers a complex object based access control.


Users are organized in a hierarchical structure (using group and supervisors) which controls the data access rights. Each data record can have configured an owner, where access to that data is controlled based on the user hierarchy. For example, access to VIP partner’s data can be restricted to a limited group of users.


Who modified what and when? This is a question that the Flexium framework can easily answer. All changes are archived and saved into the database every action is carefully logged. All user actions are logged in a separate table, from where we could easily create a chronological report about any user’s activities, from login until logout, including all data modifications and report generations.

Access rights:

  • Read
  • Write
  • Add
  • Delete
  • Export