Regain control over your company

Our enterprise resource planning solutions make your daily business operations more efficient and connect as well as streamline seemingly disparate processes, and provide a foundation for informed decision-making.

Our systems automate and simplify your business processes anywhere, anytime.

They speed up sales and invoicing processes, bring new level of quality to customer relations, simplify stock management and make it more transparent, complemented by fully integrated online transactions and mobile solutions, as needed.

Flexium ERP

We make your business easier with our system. Flexium works instead of you!

It’s a flexible integrated ERP system that offers a modern solution for managing small and medium-sized companies. The main characteristics of our product: modularity, integration, efficiency, and flexibility. We offer our customers the related services in one package.

Why choose us?

6 features, why you should choose us:

Platform independent

No need to adapt your system to the ERP. We conform to your business.

Remote access

You don’t need to wait anymore to access your system. You can manage your tasks anywhere, immediately and conviniently.


No worries about your data security. You can always control the access to your data, Flexium ensures your system’s safety


You can quickly and easily use the ERP, whenever you want it.


All reports, tables and forms can be customized. The behavior of the master data can be parameterized in many ways.

Ability to expand

There is no such thing as impossible! Tell us how you imagine a perfect ERP system and we deliver it!

ERP System

The time has come to realize your most daring business plans! The Flexium ERP system takes care of you and your company!

Cloud-based operation

The direct access is ensured via Internet. Whether you are using a mobile or wired network the work is quick and efficient.

Platform independent

platformfüggetlen vállalatirányítási rendszer
We support all major operating systems (Windows, Linux, Mac OS). There is no need to get and maintain third-party softwares.

Modern Architecture

Object-oriented technology: Stability of the system is ensured by modern software architecture, mature and extensively used internal standard.

Speed, efficiency

Short system introduction, fast and efficient use on user-friendly interface and client-optimized workflow.

Security and User Rights

Dual-layer user rights system: It can be defined per user and per function (per screen), but a data-ownership hierarchy can be achieved as well.

Full Integration

Modules, data and functionality are all integrated, data and information is presented in a manner which supports the complex operation. All data is saved only in a single place.

Uniform Layout and Outlook

All forms and panels have a uniform layout and menu structure, share the same shortcut keys and the data fields have a standard functionality.


Our system is specially designed to fulfil the multitude and various requirements of small and medium size enterprises. Each report, table, print layout and form is flexibly run-time configurable.


Wide range of customers, ever-changing economic environment: Wide set of modules, detailed configuration options and easy to enhance system to follow the continuous changes.

Advanced Search

Handling of large amounts of data, advanced and ultra-fast search functionality. Professional data mining in a medium-sized enterprise system.

Additional tools

Effective tools for managing the system, exporting / importing data, and integrating with external systems and programs.

Learn more about our Company Management System and become a more effective company manager!

Business management system

From start to finish! Streamline your business processes quickly and easily. Flexium is there every step of the way, working for you!

Sales / Procurement

The entire sales/procurement process can be tracked, from the sales/purchase forecast to the product price quote and invoicing

Stock / Logistics

Continuous and, if necessary, backward stock management, complex logistics reports that can be grouped by any parameter.

Finance / Accounting

All kinds of banking and cash operations, mixed and automatic accounting behind invoices with the associated complex statements.


The ability to map manufacturing processes based on multi-level recipes, from production forecasting to finished production reporting. Manufacturing equipment, work processes, and technological instructions can be recorded in recipes.

Product registry

Documentation for products, cost calculations, production equipment, records of production activities.

Reporting, Controlling

Controlling is the basis of every business management system: in addition to the modules’ own reports, there are many general, well-configurable statements and reports available. Examples include the need-based planning, which can be broken down by time, item, or main supplier, and virtually any type of transactional report (sales, procurement, manufacturing) that can be grouped in any way.

Price management

Extremely complex, comprehensive price management setup on both the sales and procurement side.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

A common repository for internal and external information that is closely related to partner, product, or even project databases. Integrated with traditional business processes, it provides internal communication and task organization among employees.

Task management

Centralized record keeping and management of internal and external staff’s tasks and to-do lists.

High-bay warehouse

Commercial and manufacturing companies require a sophisticated inventory management system based on a refined warehouse space (also known as a location).

Project controlling

Project-based financial controlling, inventory management, and detailed record-keeping. A crucial tool for project-oriented companies.

More time, more money, easily trackable business processes and quick analyses! This is what the Flexium Business System offers.

Our services

System development and consulting in one hand.

Installation and start-up consulting

The full implementation of an ERP system could take a period of few days or up to half a year, depending on the size of the company and on the complexity of processes and needs. Our colleagues not only shape the system to meet the requirements but are also available in the area of business process reengineering (BPR).

Continuous support

A successful installation and start-up is only the first step in a long-term relationship, where the contact between our support team and our customers will guaranty a continuous and efficient operation of the ERP system. Changes of market conditions, legal regulations and the dynamics of your own growing business constantly require changes and adaptations in the ERP system and your business processes.

Hardware Trade

Reliable hardware devices are important for seamless and high quality services. It is important for our systems to operate in a reliable server environment that will ensure a 0 to 24-hour operation. Our portfolio includes Hewlett-Packard Enterprise full server, storage and networking tools portfolio. The US manufacturer has placed resource agility and control as the central driving force in its IT infrastructure. Our other great value is Lenovo, which specializes in reliability, wide range of products. We sell ThinkPad, System-X, ThinkServer and Storewise products.

Contact us and we shall find the best solution for your company!

If you have any questions, our experts are at your disposal!